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Looking for a typical advertising/marketing agency? That’s not us. 

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An advertising agency you can trust

Looking for an advertising agency you can trust, who will listen, who consults, who builds a great plan to grow your business? You want us.

Your Ad Will Make An Impact

We are Broadcast Plus, a small, family-owned advertising and marketing agency that puts its clients’ successes and visions at the forefront of what we do. We specialize in broadcast media, but we can do it all — TV, radio, billboard, magazine, newspaper, websites, digital, and more. We aren’t afraid of the tough conversations, the out-of-the-box ideas, or the hurried deadlines. Let us start helping you and your business today!

Our Services

Broadcast Plus works to help its clients achieve their sales goals through advertising. And we aren’t just in the advertising business — we’re in the business of brands.

We understand brands because we understand people, demographics, and market trends. We will help your business fit into potential customers’ lives by fostering relationships through effective advertising.

BroadcastPlus not only acts as the mediator between business and media, but we also help write the content, work to get it produced, and are deadline driven. We love the bold and the courageous. Just because it’s conventional advertising doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We’d love to work with you to create demand for your business and the products and services you offer!

Our Clients

An Empire of Resources

With over fifty years of experience, Broadcast Plus has built an empire of resources to accommodate all client requests. And if we don’t know it (hey, it happens), we will know it.

We consider ourselves very aggressive media buyers, and so do our clients. There is no reason to pay a premium for media, and you won’t with Broadcast Plus. We develop media campaigns that cut through the clutter. We know how to make a statement, and brand who you are and what service you provide without breaking the bank!

About Us

The principals of Broadcast Plus — Sharon McDermott and Dan Molloy — are the core of the agency. Sharon and Dan personally handle all of the media placement and creative involved. They know best how to handle their media partners. They know best how to execute great creative that sells. They know best that clients prefer to speak with them directly.

They don’t hand off your research/media buys and creative to inexperienced hires. Sharon and Dan handpick the people Broadcast Plus works with, and, in most cases, work directly with the management. The people they work with respect Broadcast Plus and work hard to air our media schedules as ordered. They love that the agency pays on time, and therefore afford special discounted media rates.

Sharon and Dan of Broadcast Plus are directly accountable — you won’t be talking to a project coordinator and hoping your message doesn’t get garbled in the transmission. They take pride in being honest, efficient, and timely.

Our clients’ success is our success!

Our Team

Sharon McDermott
Sharon McDermott


Over 45 years in media and creative development

Dan Molloy
Dan Molloy


Over 25 years in media and corporate sports entertainment

Deb Korth

Deb Korth

Office Manager

Nala the Boxer

Nala the Boxer


See what our customers are saying…

“We certainly didn’t have to teach Broadcast Plus the car business. Their firsthand knowledge and experience in the auto industry streamlines the whole process and makes working with them a pleasure. If your goal is to increase sales opportunities and grow your share of the market, these are the people to help you.”

Bret Huber

Executive Manager/Owner, Huber Chevrolet and Huber Cadillac

“Dan and Sharon shop around to get the most bang for my buck on TV and Radio. By using shorter ad lengths they almost double my ad frequency. I trust Broadcast Plus to stay in budget and spend my advertising dollars wisely.”
Chad McMahon

Owner, The Good Life Sports Bar & Grill

“Teaming with Broadcast Plus has brought us from a reputable but mediocre company to a reputable top notch company. From having hundreds of dealers ahead of us in RV sales to our current position #1 Forest River Cherokee Dealer nationwide. And they do work hard and spell well!”

Bob Fielder

General Manager, AC Nelsen RV World

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